Classical Ballet

Primary Ballet

Primary is the Development of Technique. Here children learn to listen and to recognize different rhythms in music, which will develop into musicality in their dancing. It gives them the ability to feel the movement and to dance with freedom and enjoyment.

The Grades Syllabus

  • Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • Dorothy Gladstone Award (Public Performance)
    and caters for Girls and Boys from 7 years of age upwards. Demi-Character and National Character styles are also included.

    This Syllabus was fully revised recently and features 118 pieces of original music especially composed for the Syllabus.

The Major Classical Ballet

  • Sub Elementary
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Premiere Danseuse/Premiere Danseur
  • Martin Rubinstein Award (Public Performance)
  • Teaching Certificates
  • Teaching Diploma